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What kind of license and quality should you buy from our store?

LEASING MP3 RIGHTS, also known as non-exclusive rights allow you to have only one profitable/commercial use on any medium with a circulation of up to 3000 sales units. This type of lease comes with a fully mixed and mastered MP3 file without any tags. Rap beats bought with this license can later be resold to other artists until somebody buys them Exclusively. Once the beat has been bought Exclusively it can no longer be sold on the website. Leasing a rap beat does not make you the sole owner, the producer still owns all the rights to it.

When you buy rap instrumentals from our online store, these are the different types of licences and formats that you can choose from:

PREMIUM WAV, TRACK-OUT, and UNLIMITED RIGHTS, which are also considered a non-exclusive lease, allows you to sell up to 9000 units with the WAV lease, and unlimited with UNLIMITED and TRACK-OUT option. When you buy rap instrumentals with this license you also get a mixed and mastered tag-less WAV file along with the MP3. The quality of this rap beat will be much better and will make you sound more professional. When you get this type of license the beat can still be sold on the website until Exclusive rights are bought.

EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS allow you to have full ownership of the purchased rap beat, which is the best option you can buy. It comes with fully mixed and mastered tag-less WAV file as well as all the track-outs/stems, so you can get the full mixdown at the studio with your vocals. Once Exclusive Rights are bought, this beat will no longer be available for any kind of leasing or sale.

For more detailed explanation on different types of licenses click on the "TERMS / CONDITIONS" button next to the online store.

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Key elements to a HIT record

Story/Content: Your song needs to have some kind of story to get the listener into it. It doesn't need to be anything complicated, but it needs to be easily pictured in the listeners mind when they listen to the track. It also helps if a lot of people can relate to what you're saying in your song.

Melody/Beat: The first couple notes of your beat is what's going to capture the listener�s attention. Rap instrumentals play a huge role in urban music and are as important as lyrics and your delivery. Hip-hop beats usually have a simple and catchy melody that can be easily hummed and makes you nod your head right away.

Simplicity: Your lyrics have to be as simple as possible, same as your rap beats. There is no point to make it complicated because the average listener usually just wants to relax and enjoy simple melodies and lyrics. Be as straight forward and to the point as you can.

Emotion: There has to be a strong emotional attachment to the track, lyrics and the beat. It can be depressing, uplifting, happy or sad, but most importantly listeners need to feel a certain way when they take in your track. Once they get a certain feeling, they will want to play your song again and again.

Catchy Hook: A hook, also known as a chorus, is the most important element of the song. All the rap beats and instrumentals on our website have certain parts in them where there is a melodic catchy element that is intended for the hook. It is your job to come up with a simple concept that will catch the listener's attention and make them sing or rap along.

  Dec 15   Admin

Triple A Beats is an instrumental licensing company that offers a wide array of rap, hip-hop, RnB beats and instrumentals. Currently based out of Toronto, Canada, we are steadily rising to become one of the best premier online beat stores that offer only the dopest cheap hip-hop beats and cheap rap beats for sale. Rap instrumentals, hip-hop instrumentals and RnB Instrumentals is our specialty. Whether you are a rapper, hip-hop artist, music label, or a music supervisor looking to license/buy cheap beats or cheap instrumentals for a TV show or a video game, Triple A Beats got you covered. You can buy rap instrumentals and buy rap beats for your next project using our built-in store. All the information about different licensing options for rap/rnb/hip-hop beats can found in the PDF file that opens up when you click the �Terms And Conditions� button to he right of the beat store. You can always contact us with any further questions through the email that's listed at the top left corner of the page.